Paul Justice, Ontario, RYA Day Skipper
Hi Dave:
I attended your day Skipper course last September. This past weekend I purchased an aloha 28 sailboat. I spent one day sailing with the previous owner and we have sailed once on our own. If I had not taken your course, there is no way that I would have the confidence or knowledge to buy and sail this boat. As we were operating the  boat this past weekend I constantly recalled many bits of information that you passed on to me last September.

Thanks Dave for helping to make this possible for me to fulfill my dream to sail.  – PJ   2016-09-05

DM, Ontario, RYA Day Skipper

Captain Yoda; I am already sad that the week is over. I wish I could sail under your tutelage for a month at least!  It was one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you for your commitment to a positive learning environment, devotion to developing new sailors, your never ending energy (?!) and the sharing of your passion with a greenhorn like myself.  Until anon, DM

- DM

DG, Cayman Islands, RYA Coastal Skipper
Dave is the ideal sailing instructor. With years of hands on experience in all types of climates and conditions, Dave readily shares his knowledge with his student, in a meaningful way that encourages learning – focusing on memory retention. Dave is a delightful person to be around – he is genuine, personable and has a lively sense of humour. We felt completely at home on Michaela, which is the ideal learning environment. I would highly recommend Dave for advanced sailing instruction that covers the diverse aspects of sailing in depth. Dave is a great instructor and a wonderful person!


JJ, Nova Scotia, RYA Competent Crew  Thanks so very much, Dave, for a fabulous week on Michaela!
I learned a lot and laughed a lot…..all due to your expertise and good nature!
Thanks again! You are an excellent teacher and an all-around good guy!!
Cheers and fair winds,